Sarah Parker Rubio

Everyone, I am SO EXCITED to share that my first picture book is being published by Tyndale House!!! I am thrilled, jazzed, pumped, and generally psyched that my little firstborn book baby will be ushered into the world by my absolute favorite kids publishing team (including the unspeakably fabulous Stephanie Rische).

My book’s working title is A Boy Like You. It’s the story of a small boy who has to leave his home suddenly, leaving his beloved extended family and most of his possessions behind. In the middle of a very trying journey, a kind stranger tells the boy a special story to show him that he is not alone.

Release is currently scheduled for October 2019.

I am so grateful for all of you who have encouraged, prayed, and walked with me on this writing journey. The little girl inside me who dreamed of being the next Laura Ingalls Wilder is so, so happy right now.

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