Far from Home

Follow a boy and his family as they say goodbye to their home and travel to a new land—and a new life—far away from all they know and love. Far from Home brings hope to an impossibly difficult situation and gives a face to the nameless millions who have been uprooted from their homes.

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Advance Praise for Far from Home

The global refugee crisis is complex and overwhelming, but the people at the center of the crisis are just that: people, children, mothers, and fathers. With a compelling story and beautiful illustrations, Sarah Parker Rubio’s Far from Home helped my children (and their parents) to think through issues of displacement and loss through the eyes of a young boy and points to the hope found in Jesus, who himself was a child refugee.
Matthew Soerens
US director of church mobilization, World Relief, and coauthor of Welcoming the Stranger and Seeking Refuge
A fresh and inspired perspective on the refugee. Far from Home relates the experience of the displaced to a familiar story of the Christian faith that will resonate with kids going through major life changes.
Mike Nawrocki
Co-creator of VeggieTales and author of the Dead Sea Squirrels series
Far from Home is a story of displacement through the eyes of a child, ultimately connecting us to the eyes of a God who watched his own Son suffer due to violence and conflict. It is the perfect way to introduce children to the realities of our current global crisis while maintaining the humanity of those who are most impacted. With beautiful images, this book is a timely experiment in having a holy imagination, asking all of us to consider what it feels like to be in need of welcome.
D. L. Mayfield
Author of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith