Hi there! I'm Sarah.

I’m an author, editor, wife, mother, pet parent, and the only female living in a house with six male creatures of various species. By day I edit nonfiction and children’s books for a Christian publishing house, and by night I write, mainly picture books and middle-grade and YA fantasy.

If the Enneagram is your jam, I’m a 4 with a 5 wing. I can never remember my Myers-Briggs type, but I know I’ve had at least three different ones. My StrengthsFinder results change every time I have another kid.

I’m passionate about children’s literature, and I really like the Bible (lots of good literature in there, plus four-headed winged leopards!). I’m a five-time NaNoWriMo winner with the t-shirts to prove it (although I may not buy another one until they start making them in a color that isn’t black). I’m a Third Culture Kid, one half of a bicultural marriage, and the fiercely doting mom of two insanely adorable half-Colombian little boys.

I love helping authors make their stories better, and I like talking shop about publishing. It’s a crazy, crazy world here at the intersection of faith, art, and business. I hope you’ll hang out for a while.